High Performance Teams

Hiring the right people, getting them in the right job, and creating an aligned leadership team.

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Operational Excellence

Continuously improving the flow and delivery of value to customers.

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Strategic Success

Clarifying, deploying and achieving organizational initiatives.

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Thomas H. Willingham parachutes into companies to identify and eliminate waste and inefficiencies to help companies execute their strategy successfully.

Unlock your Business Potential!

As we continue thru the uncertainty of the current economy, many organizations are struggling with questions like:

  • Should we cut costs and hunker down for a new Recession?
  • Do we invest in new equipment or new products to get ahead of the competition?
  • Can we get more out of our existing operations?
  • How do we…?

Tom Willingham, President of The Hampton Group, discusses how Simulation Modeling fits into the “Analyze. Simulate. Execute.” methodology of Decision Making and Process Improvement.

Value-Add vs Non-Value-Add

CASE STUDY: Process Lead Time Reduction

Driving out Non-Value-Added Activities

Assisting middle market companies achieve superior performance levels since 2003.